About HumAngle

HumAngle Media Limited, founded by two Nigerian journalists, Obiora Chukwumba, (PhD) and Ahmad Salkida in March 2020, is a media platform committed to passionate, insightful and objective coverage of insecurity across Africa.

Over the years, insecurity has become the chief driver of mass mortality, economic and state instability in the region, yet it attracts no dedicated coverage from the media. HumAngle is the African Daily Newspaper focused on insecurity and humanitarian values. The reporting from HumAngle is delivered for public and special access in digital print and visual broadcast editions, featuring breaking news, analysis and factual commentary across the Sahel and Lake Chad; the Gulf of Guinea; Niger Delta and the sub-Saharan territories.

Every report from HumAngle is concerned with the human experience. It is poised to confront and expose the instincts, policies and power dynamics that seek to violate and nullify the heritage of our collective humanity.

The insight our reports bear can make a difference in the lives of members of the public whose every step is fraught with security concerns. We are positioned to serve information incisively, inclusively and professionally in ways that drill through depths and delivers range. For this reason, HumAngle is the digital destination of choice for news coverage and routine intelligence guide.


The authoritative, dominant voice in global media that reports, documents and provides solutions to human insecurity across Africa.


To factually report, chronicle, illustrate and provide solution to potential threat, and occurrence of insecurity in society, using the most professional and innovative tools of media practice.