We deal with the human fallout of insecurity and conflicts.

HumAngle Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.

Of particular interest to us is the provision of humanitarian support and other solutions to the impacts of insecurity and conflicts on communities of displaced and vulnerable people, especially journalists.

We equip the media in Africa with the tools and support system for efficient reporting on insecurity, conflicts and violence.

Our Trustees

HumAngle Foundation Trustees

Our Team

Oluwatosin Alagbe

Head Of Foundation

Isaac Oritogun

Senior Researcher/M&E Manager

Hafsah Abubakar Matazu

Senior Program Manager

Our Space

The human and professional trauma that insecurity, insurgency, terrorism and forced displacement have on the lives and work of journalists in Nigeria, for instance, and across the African regional space, is quite regularly overlooked.

The connection that journalists have with the environment, the communities and occurrences they cover are intricate and cannot be dismissed.

It is widely acknowledged that in Nigeria, and across Africa, insecurity has become overwhelming, intense and indeed an existential problem.

However the awareness, that journalists are steadily counting among the victims, is much less on the surface.

What We Do

We carefully defines the intersection and connects the dots on development media, crises management and news reporting by painstakingly highlighting the human connection.

Build a support system for trauma-challenged journalists as well as local victims of violence in the communities they cover.

We drive sustainable programme of trauma awareness and resilience for journalists exposed to crises, violence and insurrection.

Undertake researches, facilitate learning through workshops on insecurity and media reporting.